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Friday, July 07, 2017 

Hospital seeks $222000 for Psychiatric Machine

Dr David Basangwa (in tie) inspecting the broken down –X-Ray Machine at Butabiika hospital, the Hospital is now seeking UGX800 M to procure new machine

KAMPALA, Uganda--The National Psychiatric Referral Hospital popularly known as Butabiika Hospital needs  UGX 800 million ($222000) to buy a new X-ray machine to replace the old one that broke down last financial year 2016/2017.

Dr. David Basangwa the Hospital Executive Director said they are finding it hard to diagnose  their patients due to a dis-functioning X-ray machine that treats mental health related complications.

“We’re finding it very difficult to offer quality services as far as mental health treatment is concerned because we lack vital medical equipment like functioning X-ray machine.

“We appeal to the Government to support us with financial resources to procure the X-Ray machine that we need,” Basangwa said in an Exclusive Interview with the East African Business Week.

Basangwa said the health facility is receiving large numbers of people with mental health complications and other required specialized brain diagnosis which can only be done using the X-Ray machine.

Statistics show that Butabiika Hospital has about 900 patients of which 700 are bed occupancy and the rest are out patients.

According to Basangwa, the increasing number of Ugandans suffering from mental related complications is associated to over consumption of drugs especially the youth,  trauma caused people like those of nothrern Uganda who experienced two decades of civil war.

Other factors include HIV/AIDS,  social depression resulting from domestic related issues especially to marriage couples.



By SAMUEL NABWIISO, Friday, July 07th, 2017