Gulftainer Announces Arrival of Container Service in Berbera

Gulftainer Announces Arrival of Container Service in Berbera

Gulftainer, announced the arrival of a new container service at its Sharjah Container Terminal servicing Berbera in Somalia.

The maiden voyage of the SHASOM service began on April 17, departing from Sharjah and arriving at Berbera port after a transit time of only six days.

The service rotation will be Sharjah, Berbera, Garacad, Mogadishu and Sharjah and is expected to operate with a frequency of two sailings per month, offering customers a reliable and efficient option to transport their goods.

“It is our pleasure to welcome Port Shipping at our Sharjah Container Terminal. This new addition will enable Somali importers to conveniently access Sharjah’s significant industrial and commodity sectors.

The increasing number of direct services to and from Sharjah is a growing trend due to its strategic location. Sharjah provides a seamless adaptable, and cost-effective advantage, as well as faster transit times to and from critical markets,” stated Andrew Hoad, Chief Commercial Official at Gulftainer Co. Ltd.

According to Port Shipping, their goal has always been to offer a service from Sharjah to Somalia. They have observed growth in the UAE/Somalia market, particularly from Sharjah, and have received strong support for their first three sailings.

Port Shipping recognises the strategic location of Sharjah in relation to key exporters and has responded to their demand by providing a fast, direct service.

Godfrey Ivudria

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