Airtel Uganda Scales Up the Nation Wide Franchise
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Airtel Uganda Scales Up the Nation Wide Franchise

Gulu – 18th October 2021: Airtel Uganda The Smartphone Network with the widest 4G internet coverage in Uganda, has today launched Phase Two of the Airtel Franchise Partner Development Program, aimed at equipping participants with practical business models that will see them deliver efficiently as well as boost their business performance. The launch was held today in Gulu, at Palema Crown hotel.

Launched in April this year, The Airtel Franchise Partner Development Program seeks to empower Franchise Partners in the Airtel Uganda value chain with business skillsets that support them to operate their profitably while delivering the best customer service experiences to our valued Airtel customers across the country.

Speaking at the launch, Brenden Kachenje the Director Sales and Distribution at Airtel Uganda said, “We are pleased to launch the second phase of the Airtel Franchise Development Program where participants will experience practical training on modules in; Personal money management, Basic business skills, Running your Airtel business and Tax & compliance.  The sessions will be facilitated by experts, led by a team from Airtel Uganda and  Ability Explored.”

“Hosting such engagements requires a lot of resources, however, Airtel prides in taking part in Corporate Social Investments that are dedicated towards growing Individuals and communities where we operate.

Hence, we will continue to seek avenues of pioneering such forums that are designed to impact our Franchise Partners to become efficient, compliant and in due course have a ripple effect on sustainable job creation.” Kachenje noted.

The one-month training running from 18th October 2021 to 11th November 2021 will be conducted in select regions across the country including: Northern Uganda (Gulu & Lira), Eastern Uganda (Mbale, Soroti and Moroto), West Nile (Arua) and in Western Uganda (Kabale & Rukungiri). 58 Franchise partners will received certification during the 2nd phase of the program.

While officiating the program, The Acting RPC Aswa River region, SP. Stephen Kaija, noted that, “With the advancement in technology and the dynamics in the operation of various economic sectors, it is key that businesses continue to seek for opportunities where they can learn and adapt to what the market needs, which skills and knowledge can only be attained through engagements like the Franchise Partner Development Program, among others that are designed to scale up business performance.”

He further remarked that, “As Government, we pledge to support service providers like Airtel Uganda who have an agenda of making their contribution to part of the Government’s vision 2040 of enabling nationals to become prosperous and well able to contribute to national development through gainful employment, savings and investments.

For the Franchise Partners who will be participating in this program, I urge you to integrate the knowledge shared by the experts in your businesses because you are Airtel’s regional ambassadors for community transformation and are the active participants in creating employment opportunities once the entities are well established.”

“As Airtel, we believe the program will be instrumental in replicating a sustained value chain through creating jobs for agents and Sim Selling Outlets, among many others who might be directly or indirectly impacted,” Kachenje concluded.