Sefik Bagdadioglu and Ron Kawamara
ICT Industry

Invest More Resources in ICT Infrastructures, e-commerce Investors Tell Government

Stakeholders in the e-commerce platforms in Uganda want government to invest more resources towards the development of Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructures. They say this will enable more Ugandans to access cheap ICT related services such as the Internet.

Sefik Bagdadioglu, Chief Marketing Officer, Jumia e-commerce said although government is trying to promote the adaptation of ICT technologies in accessing government services through e-services, for it to be embraced by the general public government should ensure that the cost of Internet is cheap.

“Government in collaboration with other players in the ICT sector, need to invest more resources towards building of ICT infrastructures such as extending optical cable network to cover the whole country; this will see more Uganda accessing to quality Internet which supports e-commerce,” he said.

Jumia Uganda gets new CEO

Bagdadioglu made the remarks during the official inauguration of the new Chief Executive Officer for Jumia Uganda Ron Kawamara in Kampala. He noted that with quality and cheap Internet in place, more Ugandans will embrace e-commerce thus earning government more revenues from the ICT service providers.

Jumia co-CEO Massimiliano Spazzi said Kawamara comes at a time when the company needs his services being that he is an experienced in e-commerce.

“Ron  Brings  a stellar  leadership reputation because of his  wealth  of consumer  experience and  a lifelong  passion  for e Commerce  to jumia – all of  which  are critical  ingredients  in the continued  evolution  of Jumia as company” He said.

In his remarks, Kawamara said he will ensure that Jumia capture more markets both in Uganda and outside through offering quality e-commerce services.

“Jumia is well positioned   to capture greater market opportunity. As long entrepreneur  this is  the perfect  opportunity  to combine my industry experience  with  my love  for business. I look forward to work with this great team,” he said.

Kawamara previously served as the Regional Managing Director of Jumia Food in charge of East Africa and he has wealth experience in the African e-commerce industry.