MOVIE: Spying on Susana at Cineplex

KAMPALA, UGANDA- When movie director Robert Nkambo, announced at the premiere of Spying on Susana in August that he would soon screen at Cineplex, few believed him.

The first ever Ugandan comedy, Spying on Susana, will be screened from December 6th, 7th, 8th and 13th, 14th 15th at Uganda’s top cinema Cineplex.
The high class movie, comparable to Hollywood or Bollywood movies will be on screen at 7:00pm on all days.

Senior Television Anchor Anthony Itwara referred to as Mose in the movie, together with a crazy friend Godwin Otwoma (Max) jump into a deadly spying mission on Mose’s wife Susana (Esther Jacum) suspected to be involved in an extra marital with her new boss Mike (Fagil Mandy).
After discovering a load of cash their spying mission turns ugly when suspicious Goliath (Charles Kabogoza) and the police are after the two.
In the movie, Mose wants the money together with the woman, which distracts their spying mission. Also featured are popular Fun Factory and The Hostel stars; Veronica Tindyebwa and Gerald Rutaro. The film is directed by Robert Nkambo and a production of Mediavision ProductionsIt was premiered on Friday 23rd August 2013 at the National Theatre at a grand media ceremony officiated by Dr. Frank Ssebowa the Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority.The timing is appropriate for everyone as the end of year holiday season sets in. This Ugandan comedy is appropriate for a family outing being that the movie doesn’t have scenes of violence or pornography and that the children are already back home for holidays.

Interestingly the Uganda National Examinations Board Chairman Fagil Mandy reveals his unusual talents. A man of all seasons features in this movie as the boss of Susana and a suspect for stealing a married woman. The Deception actor Charles Kabogoza shows you his other side of the coin. He is an employer in Mike’s company with dubious ambitions which eventually land him in deep trouble.