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MultiChoice Talent Factory launches Storytelling Masterclass Series with Esteemed Professor Linus Abraham

21 December 2020: MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) is taking storytelling up another notch today by launching Storytelling Masterclasses with the continentally-renowned Professor Linus Abraham!

Storytelling is at the core of the MTF shared-value initiative and is translated across its three entities - the MTF Academy, MTF Masterclasses and the MTF online portal (

“Stories help us to define ourselves. Before you start writing the script for your film, the hope is that you have nailed the story down in very concrete ways. The series will make sure that you do just that. This is because over the past decades we’ve come to understand that if certain information is packaged in the form of a narrative, we tend to understand it better and remember it,” says Abraham.

Under his guidance, the Storytelling Masterclass series will delve into discovering your artistic identity as a storyteller, understanding the process of creative storytelling and writing, the magic of the ideational process and how to use essential structures and conventions to finally bring your story up to industry standard.

Masterclasses are a crucial feature of the MTF shared-value initiative since its establishment in 2018 and have previously been held in various African countries in line with one of MultiChoice Africa’s strategy of technical and creative knowledge sharing as a means of empowering emerging and professional creatives. To date, the various MTF Masterclass series have been hosted by some of the most revered industry professionals and partners from across the world, such as the New York Film Academy, CBS Justice Africa and the London Film School to name a few.

Professor Abraham is among the continent’s most respected professors in film, documentary, broadcast journalism and visual communication. He has also been a lecturer of Journalism & Mass Communication at Iowa State University, University of Minnesota & University of Ghana. Abraham continues to be an active patron in Africa’s creative film and TV industry.

Following previous other MTF Masterclasses, the Storytelling Masterclass series with Professor Abraham is an exciting addition from the MTF shared-value initiative to contribute to the significant need in Africa’s creative film and TV industry for easier access to the trade’s training material, tutorials, and guidelines.