National Medical Stores wants $270m to meet drugs demand


The General Manager of Uganda National Medical Stores Moses Kamabare (R) showing guests how drugs are kept in the stores.

ENTEBBE, UGANDA- The General Manager of Uganda National Medical Stores Moses Kamabare has asked the Government  to increase their budget allocation in the coming  financial year 2018/2019 to $270 million ( Uhs1 Trillion) to enable them  procure enough medicines and drugs to supply the entire country.

“There’s high demand for essential medicines but our budget is still very low for the country to have non disrupted supply of medicines.

“More funds should be allocated to the medical store for procuring of drugs and also for building the capacity of its staff such that they can offer quality services especially in the distribution of medicines and drugs ,” Kamabale told the Media at the Golf Course Hotel in Entebbe.

Drugs after being offloaded.

He said that the budget allocation being given the Uganda National Medical Store by the government cannot enable them  execute their mandate despite the high demand for their services across the country.

In the financial year 2017/2018 the National Medical Stores was given Ugx 230 Billion to cater for the procurement of Essential Drugs and Medicines.

According to the Budget framework paper for the Uganda National Medical Stores in the coming Financial Year 2018/ 2019, Uganda’s Finance Ministry has allocated Ush270billion, showing an increase of only Ush40 billion.

This Kamabare said is a drop in an ocean compared  to  the medical demands and needs throughout the country.

Uganda National Medical Stores is mandated to procure, store & distribute essential medicines and Medical Supplies to all Public Health Facilities in Uganda. Due to limited funding , it has led to scarcity of essential drugs on many occasions.